La Misión Encontrándome con Cristo

Founded in 2006, by Father Robert Joel Cruz, La Mision Encontrándome con Cristo Guatemala Mission is a Christian 501(C)3 nonprofit organization. Inspired by the Gospel of Matthew 25:34-40, missionaries from the United States and Guatemala travel to the remote areas of Guatemala to serve the poorest of the poor.

Through the ministry of presence and charitable works, our mission is able to provide clean drinking water, solar powered electricity and educational opportunities to our least fortunate brothers and sisters.


Our mission's name translates to 'I am encountering my Christ' and it is through the poor that our missionaries come in contact with the presence of Jesus, experiencing their faith in a way that they never have before.


Over 15 Years of Service

Over the last 15 years La Mision Encontrándome con Cristo has helped over 420 families, built a community center, outfitted 6 churches with solar panels and musical instruments, financially supported the building of a convent, made necessary repairs and donations to a home for abandoned and abused girls, and currently having 59 scholarship students lifting their lives out of poverty fulfilling hopes and dreams they never thought possible. It is the vision of our mission that as we continue to serve the 190 villages in the Alta Verapaz region of Guatemala we will help improve the quality of life by providing clean drinking water, solar energy sources, and educational opportunities that will increase their chances to overcome poverty.


Our Parent Website

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